Winchester Mod. 70 with a wssm bolt face and Mcgowen .458 barrel.

Ihave Brux, McGowan and Green Mountain barrels in stock ready for your next build.

Ski Rifles Llc Smokeless Muzzleloaders

I have been building smokeless muzzleloaders for over 10 yrs now. They are the ultimate for any muzzleloader hunter.  A 300 yard and further shot can be done with ease with these ML's.

I build them on just about any bolt action rifle, including custom actions as well. If your looking for a superb custom action and don't want to wait 6-12 months for it, I suggest Tom Haverkamp's action. He produces a top notch product that you will not be disappointed with, and he has them in stock. Give us a call and lets talk about your smokeless project that you have in mind. Below are a few pics of targets and SML's that I have built.......

Remington 700 with Krieger 1-20 twist .458 barrel